Make 2021 YOUR year!

We’re kicking 2020 to the curb and welcoming 2021 with open arms (at a safe distance)!

Let’s be real, last year didn’t go exactly to plan but that doesn’t mean we have to carry the bad mojo into 2021.  A great way to ensure the new year starts off on the right foot is to set some New Year's resolutions (and actually stick to them). Setting goals that are fitness and mental wellbeing related are always our favourite new years resolutions as they go hand in hand with maintaining a healthy body and brain but are also good for the soul.

Are you ready to get into the new year, new you spirit this year? Let us help you set your own goals while joining us on the pathway of hope this year.


Tips and tricks to achieve your New Year's resolutions!

1. Set an achievable goal

A fitness or healthy lifestyle goal is always best achieved when it is a simple thing to do. Cut out carbs, sugar or smoking for a short period of time, go to the gym twice a week, aim to fit back into those skinny jeans – whatever it is, make it simple and make it completely yours.


2. Get your friends, whānau and colleagues involved

No one likes to work at goals alone, it’s more fun and easier to do it with someone else. Help each other stay motivated when you’re both needing that extra little bit of inspiration and get your friends, family and colleagues involved.  The celebration when you’ve reached your goal will be that much more fun too!


3. Set a schedule

There is a study published in Science Daily that says repetition of an act makes it a habit. Let’s make your goal a habit instead of just a short-term resolution. Try and schedule your goal, whether it being eating healthier, exercising more or giving up something at the same time every day for the same number of days, hours or months. By making a habit of doing it every day you’ll not only achieve your resolution but perhaps make a positive lifestyle change.


4. Share your success story 

Not only will sharing your goals on social media help you be accountable, but it’ll also encourage and inspire others to do the same! Give updates, share your triumphs or failures, and let your peers know you’re turning 2021 into your year.


5. Get involved

Turn your new year’s resolution into something more than just a goal, make it a challenge! Fundraise for a charity close to your heart and turn your new year’s resolution into a fundraising opportunity. Helping not only yourself but someone else too. 

Set up your own fundraising challenge The Neurological Foundation is proud to be a community fundraiser champion and have a way you can make a difference this year. Challenge yourself at one of the many community fundraising events this year throughout New Zealand - or create your own! Let us help make 2021 YOUR year and cheer you on. Fight alongside the one in five Kiwis living with a neurological condition and raise hope through a community fundraising challenge today!

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