Ready to set yourself a challenge for 2021?

Start 2021 off with a bang by setting yourself a fitness goal and helping fight neurological conditions like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, dementia, and brain cancer.

Neurological conditions affect 1 in 5 Kiwis – it could be someone in your family, it could be a friend, or it could be you.

For 50 years the Neurological Foundation has been funding research that makes a difference to everyone affected by a neurological condition. Each year we fund researchers looking for breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain that can lead to treatments to make your loved ones’ lives - or yours - better.  

Get going

We’d love you to become one of our heroes and help us make neurological conditions a thing of the past!

It’s simple! Just pick something you want to do as your challenge and set up a fundraising page with us. Whether this is your first time raising money for a charity or your tenth time - it doesn't matter. We’ll be there to help you become a community star that makes a difference in the world and we’d love to have on our team!

Choose your challenge

Do you want to take part in a pre-existing challenge (like Round the Bays) or set up your own personal challenge?

List of event coming up in New Zealand

Ideas for fundraising challenges


Set up your fundraising page

Decided on your challenge? Get your fundraising page set up to start raising $$$!

Set up your fundraising page

If you're participating in Ports of Auckland Round the Bays 2021 you'll need to set up your fundraising page their platform here

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