Our Team

We have a team of passionate and dedicated people working together to create a pathway to hope. Together we are working to increase awareness around neurological conditions and raise funds for neurological research.

Welcome to the Neurological Foundation

Our aim is to provide hope for a brighter future for everyone affected by a neurological condition.

Our team raises funds, runs events throughout New Zealand, and manages grant applications and distribution. Our staff work alongside committees and our Council so that we can provide an ongoing source of funding for research and education.

Our Team


Rich Easton joined the Neurological Foundation team in 2017. With a passion for the not-for-profit sector, Rich brings a wide range of leadership experience from his previous roles in business and technology.

Supporter Relations

Our team of Supporter Relations Specialists are passionate about the work they do to raise funds for the Neurological Foundation. They are the perfect people to speak to if you are interested in supporting the Foundation.

Head of Research

The Neurological Foundation Head of Research manages the application and awards process for grants, scholarships and fellowships, and is the main contact for applicants, recipients and the research offices that host each grant.


Chief Medical Advisor

The Chief Medical Advisor guides the Foundation in all clinical matters, ensuring medical accuracy in our communications. He advises the Scientific Advisory Committee on clinical aspects of funding applications and is part of the Personal Awards Committee for senior and clinical fellowships.

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We are proud of the ground-breaking research that we have been able to fund thanks to our supporters.

— Rich Easton, CEO of the Neurological Foundation
Neurological Foundation Council

The Neurological Foundation Council is the governing body of the Foundation and is made up of business experts, neurologists and neuroscientists who volunteer their time without remuneration. 

Grants Committees

The Foundation maintains a pool of expert committee members and selects from this pool to convene the Scientific Advisory Committee and Personal Awards Committee as required to consider applications for funding.

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