How We Choose

All applications for funding from the Neurological Foundation enter into a rigorous approval process. This ensures we only fund the best research.

How we choose what to fund

Our goal is to fund people and projects with the greatest potential to improve the understanding of, prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, or management of neurological conditions.

We receive more applications than we can fund each year, so we’ve established an objective process so we can choose the highest quality applications.

Grant Rounds

There are two grant rounds each year. For each round we select from a diverse pool of neuroscientists and clinicians to convene our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and Personal Awards Committee (PAC). The SAC reviews funding applications for research projects and conferences. The PAC reviews applications for fellowships and scholarships. You can read about how our committees are made up here.

How it works

We’ve detailed the process further, including how we assess applications, how we approve and award the applications, and what steps we take to resolve any conflicts of interest.

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