Look around. On average, 1 in every 3 people you see will have a neurological condition

A diagnosis can be life-changing. Whether it’s you or a loved one, the world will never look quite the same.

Since 1972, the Neurological Foundation has funded vital research aimed at reaching important milestones, 1 inchstone at a time.

Some of the amazing treatments available now are the result of work started decades ago.
Breakthroughs take time — and ongoing investment. No matter the size of your donation, it's truly appreciated. Every gift adds up to something great. Together, we can turn the world around. 

Thanks to your generosity

has been funded towards neurological research in the past year. 

Each year the Foundation receives hundreds of requests to support neurological research. Requests for funding far outweigh what is funded each year, however thanks to our supporters we have been able to make a significant impact.

While the majority of our funds are directed to research, other parts of the Foundation's remit include education and raising awareness. 

To enable the Foundation to run smoothly, and to continue to raise funds, we have dedicated Admin and Fundraising teams. Our costs for admin and fundraising are offset by the Foundation's income from investments, meaning that your donations can be directed primarily to research and education.

58%Towards research
20%Towards administration
20%Towards awareness
8%Towards fundraising
6%Towards education
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Turning the world around - one incredible piece of research at a time

Could a bioelectronic implant hold the key to treating spinal cord injury? Dr Bruce Harland is testing several promising regenerative treatments. “This exciting preclinical research was made possible through a Neurological Foundation project that allowed me to develop the use of this technology from basic science.”   


Wanting to learn more about neurological research?

We have a range of events happening throughout New Zealand and online. Check out what's coming up. 

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Cautious Hope & Optimism in the Age of…
Parkinson’s is the world’s fastest-growing neurological condition. Are environmental factors to blame? If so, what…
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Empowering the Mind: Understanding Young-Onset Dementia
Join us for this FREE online talkAn insightful exploration into young-onset dementia in New Zealand…
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We would love your support to help us fund neurological research and education in New Zealand. We have put together a Community Fundraising Kit filled with tips, tricks and ideas which will help you put together a successful fundraising campaign. 

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Brain Teaser!

The popular myth that we use only 10% of our brains is flat-out wrong!

Brain scans clearly show that we use most of our brain most of the time, even when we’re sleeping.

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