Our Partners

With the support of our corporate partners, and by working with our research partners and the Neurological Alliance we are building towards a brighter future for those affected by neurological conditions.

Helping us provide hope

Working together with our partners we are providing a brighter future for everyone effected by a neurological condition. 

Working with our partners means we are able to increase the reach of the work we do and build relationships that will create a sustainable future for neurological research in New Zealand.

Our partners

Commercial partners

Become one of the business and commercial partners that are helping us create a pathway to hope for New Zealanders suffering from neurological conditions. Supporting us means you are helping us.

Research partners

We work with a range of research organisations and universities in New Zealand to grow the capacity for ground-breaking neurological research in New Zealand and ensure researchers have access to the funding they need.

The Neurological Alliance

This is a forum for organisations representing a neurological disease to work together on their shared desire to promote community awareness of neurological diseases and to see that the needs of people with neurological conditions are met.

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