Leave a Gift in Your Will

Ordinary New Zealanders like you make an extraordinary difference when they leave a bequest to the Neurological Foundation. Find out more about how you can keep turning the world around for people with neurological conditions - because, even after you’re gone, you’re still needed.

Leaving a legacy of hope

A gift in your Will is an incredibly special way to continue to support the work we're able to fund.

Your legacy will help us provide funding for more research projects, more training for future neurologists and neuroscientists, vital education and, importantly, genuine hope for those living with a neurological condition. By including the Neurological Foundation in your Will today, you’ll be giving to tomorrow’s generations. 

You can read more about bequests in our brochure here, or contact our Supporter Relations Team.

Help turn the world around with an online Will

The Neurological Foundation has partnered with Gathered Here – a trusted online platform – to offer you a quick, easy way to write your Will for free. By including the Neurological Foundation in your Will, you’ll have a profound and lasting effect on generations to come. Go to Gathered Here to start the process.

Your legacy will provide sustainability

When you leave a bequest to the Foundation, youll be providing much-needed sustainability for us to fund important neurological research for years to come. Your gift will not only provide stability for future research but will also help us keep funding initiatives like the Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank and Chair of Clinical Neurology. By deciding to leave a gift in your Will, youll be contributing to future breakthroughs in treatments, therapies and preventions.

Your legacy will provide a future

When you decide to leave a gift in your Will, you're not just donating for you and your loved ones, you're donating for someone's grandmother, their father, their daughter, their son, their friend. One in three New Zealanders will experience a neurological condition first-hand, which means every one of us will be affected in some way. The gift you leave will fuel research that could help change people’s lives – forever. 

Help us make a difference today