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The Neurological Foundation is a New Zealand charity that funds vital research and ongoing education into neurological conditions, which includes diseases and disorders of the brain, spine and nerves.

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Our mission is to “be a catalyst to improve the future quality of life for New Zealanders impacted by neurological conditions”. We’re committed to providing hope that through research there will be better treatments and possible cures for the range of conditions, now and in the future.

For 50 years, the Foundation has funded basic science and clinical research into conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, dementia, motor neuron disease, autism, multiple sclerosis, mental illness, migraine, epilepsy, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury and dozens of other debilitating conditions. We are the only Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to funding neurological research in New Zealand.

Getting the word out

In addition to funding research and education, the Neurological Foundation also works to raise public awareness for neurological conditions.

We host events all around New Zealand, sharing insights into the research our supporters have helped fund. The Neurological Foundation also publishes a quarterly magazine, Headlines.

Who we support

The Human Brain Bank

This world-class scientific resource, led by Distinguished Professor Sir Richard Faull, houses over 600 brains for scientific research purposes.

Chair of Clinical Neurology

Set up so that researchers and clinicians could work together for better patient outcomes, the Neurological Foundation has supported the Chair of Clinical Neurology since 2007.

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Only by working together can we unlock the secrets of brain disease and help find cures to give people hope for the future.

— Distinguished Professor Sir Richard Faull, Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank
Brain Awareness Month

Brain Awareness Month is a global campaign to raise awareness of neurological conditions and bring to public attention the importance of brain research.

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