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At the Neurological Foundation, we are totally committed to our role as the only dedicated funder of New Zealand-centred neurological research and education. Sponsoring innovative, high-quality research has ensured that we remain at the leading edge of national and international research into the understanding, prevention and treatment of neurological conditions.

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The Neurological Foundation is an independent body and charitable trust that raises funds to ensure this country's top neuroscientists can continue leading-edge research into neurological conditions.

Strategy 2020-2025

Our Strategy 2020-2025 is available for you to view online.

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Business Plan 2020

Our Business Plan 2020-2021 is available for you to view online.

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Annual Report 2020

Our Annual Report 2020 is available for you to view online and covers the 2019/2020 financial year. 

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Annual General Meeting 2020

Watch a recording of our 2020 AGM


Annual Report 2019

Our Annual Report 2019 is available for you to view online and covers the 2018/2019 financial year. 

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Full Accounts

Audit Report


Annual General Meeting 2019

View the minutes from our 2019 AGM


Neurological Foundation Rules and Objects

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