Neurological Foundation W & B Miller Postgraduate Scholarship


Molly Swanson
University of Auckland

Investigating inflammation in the Alzheimer’s Disease Olfactory Bulb

Investigating early inflammatory changes and their influences in the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

While the most widely known symptom of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is short term memory loss, one of the earliest symptoms is often a loss of the sense of smell. This symptom, known as anosmia, is thought to be due to olfactory neuron degeneration or insufficient replacement of olfactory neurons throughout life. Ms Swanson’s research will test the hypothesis that AD pathology is triggered by inflammatory processes in the olfactory bulb by studying post-mortem human brain tissue from the Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank and using cultured cells. Ultimately, this research will provide insight into early changes occurring in the AD brain which will aid early detection and therapeutic intervention.