Ways to maintain healthy eating habits while at home

Eating healthy is great habit to have. We all have the best intentions to cook every night of the week and only eat the most nutritional food we can. Our body is a temple after all – right? 

But sometimes you can’t, sometimes you’re working late and  those stale cookies in your office drawer does the trick, or you get home and you’re too tired to cook so take out is the best and easiest option. 

We’re all confined to our homes with no restaurants or takeout options now. Suddenly, appliances and cooking utensils are looking more and more daunting as you try to figure out what the difference is between a spatula and a potato masher are – well maybe not. But trying to eat healthy does become a bit of a challenge and maintaining those healthy eating habits while at home is difficult.

This week we’ve decided to put together a list of options for some who need a bit of help with eating healthy. Remember, whatever is good for your body is also good for your brain!


Apps to download:

My Fitness Pal – Not only is this a great free app to keep track of your calories, it also will keep track of nutritional values of foods. You can scan barcodes from pre-purchased food to input into the app to keep track of nutritional value and calories if you need too. It’s also a great way to just keep track of what you’re eating throughout the day.

Yummly – Need a little inspiration for dinner, lunch or breakfast? Yummly is a free app and website to use that will personalise recipes for you based on your preferences or based on what you have in your house. There are also a bunch of great “kid friendly” recipes for your young ones who are pickier eaters.

Waterlogged – For anyone who needs to reminder to drink more water during the day, this is the app for you! No matter if you’re busy with work, or young ones at home, or just need a gentle reminder this app will remind you to drink water. You can set how much water you need to be drinking during the day or just go with the recommend amount and it’ll send you reminders to your phone or device.

Deliciously Ella! – This is the perfect app for vegans or vegetarians looking to spice up their meals! With over 400+ recipes that are plant based there is definitely something for everyone on this app. 

FODMAP Diet – This is a purchased app for $12.99 for those who need to be careful about what they eat due to pre-existing conditions such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or a gluten-intolerance. FODMAP app helps you find foods that are right for your diet, and with current situations with groceries running out of stock of FODMAP approved food, this may be the solution you’re looking for.


Food boxes to take advantage of:

Craft Smoothie NZ – If you’re just looking for a simple, healthy food box that has lots of fruits, veggies and superfoods then this New Zealand based smoothie box is for you! You’ll get 5 healthy smoothies for the week, 10 smoothies per box (so 2 per day) with seasonal fruit and vegetable combinations AND free delivery New Zealand wide.

My Food Bag – Inspired by New Zealand born, Nadia Lim, My Food Bag is free delivery in New Zealand, has fresh New Zealand produce and very easy recipes for families of one to many. If you’re new to food boxes, give them a try during this time – they are still delivery and accepting new members.

Hello Fresh – Another food box option to choose from in case My Food Bag or WOOP aren’t doing it for you. They have more family friendly recipes, but less options for vegans, vegetarians and gluten intolerant individuals.

WOOP – They have a variety of different boxes available to choose from for any number of people in the household. Although another food box option, WOOP comes with more options for people on restricted diets such as gluten-free or keto or will challenge your inner “foodie” with the foodie box that are more difficult recipes.

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