Podcast on the latest Alzheimer’s research

The number of New Zealanders with Alzheimer’s disease is growing. Around 70,000 people currently have dementia, but The University of Auckland estimates* that number will rise to 170,000 by 2050 and will cost us $6 billion by then.  

One in four Kiwis die with dementia. Alzheimer's is its most common form, making up about 60 to 70 percent of cases. 

Thanks to the generosity of Neurological Foundation supporters, research is underway to help find ways to diagnose, manage and prevent the disease. 

Our Head of Research, Dr Sarah Schonberger (who did her PhD in Alzheimer's), has taken part in a podcast along with Dr Erin Cawston, whose work with the Dementia Prevention Research Clinics aims to develop better diagnostic tools.  

Sarah and Erin agree that milestones can only be reached via a series of ‘inchstones.’ “That's what our supporters fund – people inching forward with their research to get through to that milestone,” says Sarah. 

Join Sarah and Erin as they talk in depth with Alexia Russell from The Detail. 



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