Five things for kids to do to remain socially connected!

With some kids going back to school this week it’s going to be harder than ever to get your children to concentrate on eating healthy, staying active, doing their homework and staying social! We may not be able to help you with the first three, but we have some suggestions for parents, caregivers and grandparents to ensure the children in their life are staying socially connected to their friends and family.

Virtual Tours

There are a number of virtual tours you can take with your kids no matter their age or interests. There are virtual nature walks, museum and art galleries tours, 24-hour live feeds of sanctuaries and global locations and even a live tour of Disneyland!


Harry Potter at Home

Share the magic of Harry Potter with your children and at home. J.K. Rowling has launched an online hub for kids, families and fans to enjoy while being stuck at home. There are educational articles, quizzes, puzzles and plenty more for first time readers. Download the first book in the series for free and listen to it with your kids or let them listen and following along with their friends if they’re old enough.


Video Games

Video games are not necessarily the best option in a normal circumstance, but in one where you’re in lockdown and can’t leave your house, playing video games with other people all over New Zealand and the world is a great solution on staying socially connected. Games like Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Minecraft are all games you can play with your child and they can play socially with friends or other family members.


Tabletop Games

Have a family game night and dust of monopoly or another favourite tabletop game! If your kids are a bit older and want to play with friends instead try introducing them to Dungeons & Dragons. D&D Beyond is an online website where they can learn about the basics of D&D and join in on campaigns and games while video chatting or group chatting with the players. It’s a great game to stay socially connected, make new friends and develop key problem-solving skills while also using their imagination!


Video Calls

Grandma and Grandpa want to hear from their grandkids and sharing those moments, even virtually, will be worth while in the long run. Setting up a routine or a weekly call with those family members who can’t be there in person will offer a sense of normalcy in any child’s life, and also allow them to remain connected to their grandparents, aunts and uncles or siblings if they’re young.

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