Crochet a brain or neuron!

While it’s important to keep physically fit, it’s also extremely important to flex your brain as well! Keeping the brain active seems to increase its vitality and may build its reserve capacity to make new brain cells and connections. Reading, crosswords, word searches and other things like crafts are all a great way to keep your brain healthy! 

A study done in 2011 suggests that knitting and crocheting may help stave off a decline in brain function with age. The study indicated that people who partook in computer activities; craft activities, such as knitting, quilting, crocheting etc; playing games; and reading books had a lower chance of developing mild cognitive impairment.

The study was published in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences and interviewed over 1,300 participants aged 70-89 about the frequency of cognitive activities carried out later life. The results suggested that social activities such as traveling were marginally significant. Whereas activities such as reading magazines, playing music and group activities reduced the odds of developing mild cognitive impairment, none of these reached statistical significance like craft activities.

With this in mind, the Neurological Foundation has created two fun, scientifically friendly crocheting guides to keep your mind healthy and active during the next four weeks! Learn how to crochet a neuron or a full brain. It'll keep your hands busy while strengthening your dexterity and reducing your risk of memory loss. 


To download the guides, please click on either of the images below.




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