Scholarships & Fellowships

Used to provide salary support for scientifically or medically qualified researchers at different stages of their careers.

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    Neurological Foundation Doctoral Scholarship

    The closing date for applications is September 1 each year.

    For non-medical students who have already completed their undergraduate degree (BSc, BA, etc.) and a Masters degree (MSc, MA, etc.) to allow them to undertake a PhD course at a NZ University. Usually 2 scholarships are granted each year; each scholarship is for 3 years.

    Please submit an electronic copy of the form to Details of subjects studied and grades obtained to date should be attached to the application form. Doctoral Scholarships are personal awards and emphasis will be placed on the candidate and their potential to develop during the period of the scholarship. The research project itself is clearly important and sufficient detail needs to be provided to demonstrate the intrinsic value of the project per se. The format for this part of the proposal is stated on the application form and should include a description of the applicant’s research interests, reasons for the particular supervisor or department and a structured outline of the proposed project.

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    Neurological Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

    Application for the Neurological Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship closes on September 1 each year.

    For those who have completed a PhD and wish to develop their research further. This work can be undertaken at either NZ or overseas universities or hospitals. Two years tenure.

    Applications should be made on the Neurological Foundation’s application form. Please submit an electronic copy of the form to: Applicants are advised of the outcome of their application early in December.

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    Neurological Foundation Chapman Research Fellowship

    The closing date is May 1 and September 1 each year.

    For medical graduates to allow them to spend a period in research. Taken up after at least four years of postgraduate training. Can also pursue a higher degree during this time (PhD, MD). Research can be clinical or basic science.

    Intending applicants should make themselves known to the Foundation well before this date, so that details of the application can be discussed. Please submit an electronic copy of the form to

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    Neurological Foundation Senior Clinical Research Fellowship

    For medically qualified researchers to allow them to investigate the more immediate problems of patients with neurological problems. Rolling tenure, four to five years.

    The Foundation will make it known from time-to-time, through Hospital and University Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery, and through the Neurological Association of New Zealand, that it is in a position to appoint a Senior Clinical Research Fellow. Closing dates would normally be April 1st and September 1st to allow time for interviews to be arranged, and for the application to be circulated to members of the Scientific Advisory Committee prior to their biannual meetings.

    Applications should be made using the form NF/06 (Application for Senior Clinical Research Fellowship). Please submit an electronic copy of the form to

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    Neurological Foundation Summer Studentship

    The closing date is: September 1 each year

    Each year the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand (NFNZ) allocates two Summer Studentships. These are awarded on a competitive basis and can be undertaken in any New Zealand educational institution that carries out postgraduate research. The value of each award is $6,000 and any research topic in the fields of biomedical, clinical and public health that relate to neurology will be considered.

    Proposals for research topics are required by 5pm 1st September (or the following Monday if the 1st falls on a weekend) and should be submitted directly to the Neurological Foundation. Applicants should first obtain any necessary institutional administrative approval. An electronic copy should be mailed to A selection process will be conducted by a subcommittee of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the NFNZ. Supervisors and students will be advised of the outcomes of their proposals by the end of the fourth week of September.  

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    Neurological Foundation O’Brien Clinical Fellowship

    The closing date is May 1 and September 1 each year.

    This Fellowship will be awarded to a New Zealand registered non-medical health professional who is committed to a clinical research career with a major focus on treatment or care of those affected by brain disease or injury, including end of life care. It is intended to enhance their research skills and experience and thus contribute to improved patient outcomes in New Zealand.

    Fellowship with be available to, but not limited to: Clinical Nurses, Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Trials Managers, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Health Psychologists, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Physicists, Neurophysiologists, Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Radiographers, Research Nurses, Social Workers, Speech Language Therapists. Those unsure about eligibility should contact the Neurological Foundation Research Manager