Brain Awareness Month

For over ten years the Neurological Foundation has been the official global partner for Brain Awareness Week in New Zealand and we hold events throughout March each year to share knowledge and raise awareness.

Shine a light

Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to raise awareness of neurological conditions and bring to public attention the importance of brain research.

People of any age can suffer from neurological conditions, often debilitating and sometimes deadly. Here in New Zealand we celebrate Brain Awareness Month to help highlight these conditions and the importance of funding research today that will save lives tomorrow. Together with the Universities of Otago and Auckland we arrange events across March to share with members of the public the exciting advances of brain science, start conversations about neurological health, and raise awareness of the importance of research on the pathway to hope.

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Brain Awareness Month events are during March each year and we also have a range of events happening throughout the year.

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Progressive changes in Parkinson’s disease: Current perspectives
Professor John Dalrymple-Alford will be discussing the range of progressive changes that occur in people...
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Earthquake Brain: A look at the Canterbury earthquakes...
Get an in-depth look at the neurological research being conducted on the brains of those...
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Chair of Clinical Neurology
Stroke is the second largest killer in New Zealand, affecting up to 11,000 Kiwis in...

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