These are questions with answers that are most commonly asked. Many of these questions have been submitted through to and answered by Dr Simcock, a neurologist and the Neurological Foundation’s Medical Advisor.

  • What are the restrictions for driving concerning HT licences? Are they the same as a normal licence?

    The restrictions for HT licences are much stricter than for an ordinary car driving licence. The restrictions are clearly set out by the Land Transport Safety Authority and your own Doctor could explain these to you or you could contact the LTSA directly.

  • What are the symptoms of acoustic neuroma?

    This is a benign slow-growing tumour on the 8th cranial nerve, which conducts messages from the cochlear to the brainstem, so that the main symptom is gradually progressive deafness on that side, causing numbness and/or weakness of that side of the face. It may also press on the brainstem causing weakness of the limbs and/or loss of balance.

  • What is ADHD?

    It is a behavioural disorder starting in early childhood of unknown cause. The child has a short attention span and is overactive, moving restlessly from one activity to the next. Learning is impaired and the child is disruptive both at home and at school.

  • What is Asperger's Syndrome?

    An autistic disorder with cortical atrophy (shrinkage) and changes in brain histology.

  • What is Batten Disease?

    A group of metabolic disorders occuring in childhood due to a genetic defect in which there is accumulation of neuronal storage material in nerve cells leading to the death of these nerve cells. These disorders are called neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses, with different ages of onset and different genetic defects.