These are questions with answers that are most commonly asked. Many of these questions have been submitted through to and answered by Dr Simcock, a neurologist and the Neurological Foundation’s Medical Advisor.

  • Am I eligible for treatment with Beta-Interferon?

    To be eligible for treatment, you need to have the remitting-relapsing form of MS and to have had two attacks in the previous year, with significant disability in each attack and subsequent improvement.

  • Are there any new trends or medicine for the Parkinsons Disease patient?

    No new medications for Parkinsons Disease have become available in the past year.

    You will be aware that there are several effective medications available, but they need to be tailored to the indidual patient and usually this is best done on the advice of a neurologist.

  • Being a layman, which stem cells are best - embryonic ones or adult ones? Could stem cells cure my schizophrenia or anxiety attacks?

    Stem cell research is in its infancy. Embryonic stem cells are more versatile than adult stem cells. At this time, stem cell therapy is not used in either schizophrenia or anxiety attacks.

  • Can depression be caused by a brain disease?

    Depression may be the first symptom of Parkinsons disease, before the tremor or difficulty with movements become apparent. Not surprisingly, depression can be part of any major brain disease. In manic-depression (bipolar affective disorder) it is likely that there is an inherited biochemical disorder of brain function.

  • Can stress cause migraine?

    Attacks of migraine can be precipitated by stress. Sometimes this is in the category of anxiety/worry, but it can also result from feelings of frustration/anger/resentment.