Marathon Run, Marathon Effort – Update on Rhys Maxwell's Melbourne Marathon

Wednesday, 26 October, 2011

Perseverance, determination and support helped Rhys Maxwell complete his first ever full marathon in honour of his father Murray and in support of the Neurological Foundation. Not content with simply crossing the finish line, Rhys did so in three hours 37 minutes, having raised $3,644 and with a leg injury which had cost him the last two and a half weeks of training.

The road to the starting line was steep – beginning his training nine weeks prior to the race, Rhys was only able to fit in half the training required for a 42km run. On top of that, with three weeks to go, he developed Iliotibial Band (ITB) Syndrome, causing severe knee pain and his physio to forbid Maxwell to run. With true Kiwi determination, Rhys ignored the advice and after two and half weeks of rest, joined 4,956 runners at the start line of the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday 9 October.

After soldiering on for 34km, Rhys’ legs started cramping and the pain from his Iliotibial Band kicked in. Stopping was not an option, so Rhys persevered, motivated by the support from his donors, friends on the side lines and his mother and sister who had flown from New Zealand to be with him. The incredible support Rhys was shown in the lead up to his big race allowed him to not only exceed his running goal of 4hours, but to revise his initial fundraising goal of $1000, exceeding it by $2644.

“I have been totally overwhelmed by generosity; especially at the moment with the economy being so bad. I’m so happy that I did the fundraising; it made the run so much more worthwhile. Doing it for a good cause gave me more motivation to train and keep going on the day. My family were proud and Dad would have been very proud too.”

Congratulations Rhys and thank you so much for your incredible efforts! – From the Neurological Foundation team.

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