Neurological Foundation O’Brien Clinical Fellowship

Neurological Foundation O’Brien Clinical Fellowship


The closing date is May 1 and September 1 each year.

This Fellowship will be awarded to a New Zealand registered non-medical health professional who is committed to a clinical research career with a major focus on treatment or care of those affected by brain disease or injury, including end of life care. It is intended to enhance their research skills and experience and thus contribute to improved patient outcomes in New Zealand.

Fellowship with be available to, but not limited to: Clinical Nurses, Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Trials Managers, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Health Psychologists, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Physicists, Neurophysiologists, Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Radiographers, Research Nurses, Social Workers, Speech Language Therapists. Those unsure about eligibility should contact the Neurological Foundation Research Manager

The application Form and Advice to applicants are available on the Foundations web site