Fundraising for Us

With the help of passionate and dedicated people like you, together we can ensure research into the 700+ neurological conditions can continue for years to come.

Raising Hope

You don’t need to be a neuroscientist to help research into neurological conditions.

By helping us to raise awareness and funds you can support neurological research and become an ambassador for ‘raising hope’. If you’ve never fundraised before or you only have limited time available, don’t worry - we have put together ideas and resources so you can find the best way for you to make a difference.

Community Fundraising

When you become a community fundraiser for the Neurological Foundation you are becoming a champion of our Raising Hope brand. You’ve decided to help us spread hope across New Zealand and raise money to continue to fund research into the 700+ neurological conditions.

Fundraising Ideas

Our community fundraising team has searched far and wide to come up with some great ideas to get you started! You can either join an already active fundraising campaign (such as Round the Bays) on Everyday Hero or create your own.

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Because I had personal experience of the impact of neurological dysfunction on my life it was an easy choice to support the Neurological Foundation.

— Helen Rook, Wellington, completed the 43 km trail Marathon the Wuu2k
Hold your own event

If you’ll be holding your own event, there is some important information you should be aware of. This information and tips on how to plan your own fundraising event can be found in our Community Fundraising Toolkit.

Take part in an event

Everyday Hero is a great place to find Fundraising opportunities in or around your area. When joining an already existing event make sure you’re selecting the Neurological Foundation as your preferred not-for-profit of choice. For more information on Everyday Hero and pre-planned fundraising events, please download our Community Fundraising Toolkit.

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