Information Booklets

The Neurological Foundation publishes a range of booklets with facts and guides for various issues. These can be downloaded below.

  • Migraine - Guide book

    Migraine is one of the most common neurological disorders. It occurs in about 18% of women, mainly between the ages of 15 and 55, and 12% of men, and was identified by the World Health Organisation as one of the four most disabling chronic medical disorders. Many people with migraine manage it without too much trouble, but for a few it is a distressing, frustrating and horrible disorder which has a major impact on their lives. Although numerous text books have been written about the disorder, and there is strong family predisposition to it, the underlying causes are unknown. Ongoing research, however, is beginning to unravel some answers.

  • Parkinson's - A guide for the new patient

    The diagnosis of Parkinson's is often unpleasant news. Usually a patient leaves the doctor's clinic remembering only a few points - the diagnosis and perhaps one or two other facts that may not even be particularly relevant. After the news has sunk in, most people want to know more about Parkinson's, how it can be treated and what the outlook is. This booklet is designed to provide you with this information.

  • Safeguard Your Sense


    Without your five senses you couldn'twatch the sunset, smell the grass after rain, taste those juicy strawberries, listen to the lapping ocean or enjoy a calming massage.