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  • FAQ

    These are questions with answers that are most commonly asked. Many of these questions have been submitted through to and answered by Dr Simcock, a neurologist and the Neurological Foundation’s Medical Advisor.

  • This is a list of neurological-related community & support groups in New Zealand available to provide information and support services relating to specific disorders/conditions. The list contains links to the groups’ websites and contact details for their national offices or headquarters. P...

  • This is a repository for booklets on neurological conditions or brain health in PDF format for you to download as a free resource.

  • A showcase of books that we have read or that have been recommended to us.

  • The Neurological Foundation has created this Glossary of Terms to help you understand some of the more technical terms you may come across when learning about Neurology.

  • The Neurological Foundation has compiled a list of organisations websites that provide useful neurological information in addition to what may be found on our website.

  • What is Neurology? provides an explanation and a background to neurology.