Polio NZ Inc. (formerly Post Polio Support Society of New Zealand Inc.)

Poliomyelitis, or polio, is a highly contagious viral disease. It was responsible for killing and maiming large numbers of people in the early 20th century. It is transmitted orally and initially infects the small intestine. Most people who contract the disease do so when they are very young, between three and five years old. The initial symptoms of polio are flu-like. In a small minority of cases, the infection spreads beyond the intestine, into the blood stream and invades the central nervous system. In this case, called paralytic polio, the disease is far more serious and can cause floppy limbs or paralysis, which can be permanent. It is this form of polio that may later lead to post polio syndrome. Post polio syndrome is a set of symptoms experienced by many people who have had polio at an early age. The symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness and muscle and joint pain. These symptoms can be quite debilitating and may compromise health and independence. Post polio syndrome generally begins to appear 20 to 45 years after recovering from polio.

The Post Polio Support Society of NZ is an incorporated society dedicated to seeking support for people who have had poliomyelitis. It does this through information sharing and where possible, assistance to polio society members and their families, whether or not they are experiencing problems at present.



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