Huntington's Disease Associations of New Zealand

Huntington disease (HD) is an inherited brain disorder that causes cells in specific parts of the brain to die which results in impairment of both mental capability and physical control. Huntingtons disease is a genetic disorder. About one in every 10,000 people has HD, but one in every 1,000 are touched by HD whether at risk, as a caregiver, family member or friend. The HD gene is dominant, which means that each child born to a parent with Huntington disease has a 50% chance of sharing the same fate.

The Huntington's Disease Associations aim to provide support and advocacy for those with Huntington's Disease, to provide information and support to family members and associates, to act as a source of information for professionals involved with Huntington's Disease, to raise public awareness on Huntington's Disease. Unable to support a national organisation, the three associations function separately to meet the needs of their members, but co-operate when it is appropriate (bringing speakers from overseas, awareness weeks, conferences and the website). In areas where the Huntington's Disease Associations cannot support their own social worker/field worker the local Multiple Sclerosis Society includes HD families as their clients: in Midland (Waikato), Bay of Plenty, Marlborough, Nelson and Invercargill.




Jeanette Wiggins, Huntington's Advisor

PO Box 30420, Lower Hutt 5040


Ann Wilson, Field Worker

Christchurch Community House, 141 Hereford Street, Christchurch




Jeanette (WLG) - 04 569 3252, Ann (CHC) - 03 327 7898