Dyspraxia Support Group of New Zealand

Developmental Dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, and the Clumsy Child Syndrome) is a neurologically based disorder of the processes involved in praxis or the planning of movement to achieve a predetermined idea or purpose, which may affect the acquisition of new skills and the execution of those already learned. More specifically, it is a disorder of praxis, or the process of ideation (forming an idea of using a known movement to achieve a planned purpose), motor planning (planning the action needed to achieve the idea), and execution (carrying out the planned movement). This parent-initiated, voluntary support group for all who care for children with Developmental Dyspraxia, was formed in June 1992, and is unique in the help, support and information it provides. Our membership now numbers over 1,000, and includes families, caregivers, and professionals from both New Zealand, Australia, with some members also in other countries.



PO Box 20292, Bishopdale, Christchurch



03 358 3249