Summer Studentship


Jill Campbell
University of Auckland

Non-epileptic seizures in individuals attending neurological services

Examining non-epileptic seizure patient data to better understand symptoms and provide improve clinical services

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) are movements, behaviour or impaired levels of consciousness that appear epileptic in nature but often lack underlying pathophysiological findings, resulting in frequent presentation to hospital settings, misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. Though there are no abnormal electrical discharges in the brain, the experience of seizures are real to sufferers, who frequently have no control over these events. The significant distress and daily disruption caused by PNES to patients and their families can be reduced by providing neurologic and psychiatric services better targeting patient’s needs. Key to this is gaining a better understanding of the neurological and psychogenic mechanisms driving PNES. Theses seizures have a high occurrence in hospital settings, with prevalence rates up to 40%. This project aims to assess the frequency of PNES presentations to clinical neurological services at Auckland DHB over a three year period. The symptoms experienced by the patient and any other health concerns will be charted. Potential benefits of the study include gaining a better understanding of symptoms, and providing improved clinical services.