STRIDER NZAus Childhood Outcome Study: Childhood outcomes of the STRIDER NZAus trial (a randomised controlled trial of sildenafil therapy in dismal prognosis early-onset intrauterine growth restriction in New Zealand and Australia)

$75,062 (co-funded with Auckland Medical Research Foundation)

Dr Katie Groom
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology University of Auckland

Intrauterine growth restriction is a common obstetric problem affecting up to 10 percent of all pregnancies. Growth restriction before birth poses significant risks of long-term neurological handicap and disease. No treatments are currently available with the only option being induction of premature birth which adds further disadvantage to these at-risk babies. Sildenafil is being investigated as a promising first-ever antenatal therapy for growth restriction through the New Zealand led STRIDER NZAus trial. Sildenafil is a registered medicine commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction and is thought to work by improving blood flow to the uterus. The STRIDER NZAus Childhood Outcome Study will assess how the surviving children of this trial are developing at 2-3 years of age. This will provide highly valuable information on whether sildenafil use in pregnancy improves the longer term neurological development and wellbeing of these children. 

Generously supported by the estate of Mr Daniel O’Brien.