Foundation supports Peter Jackson donation

Neurological Foundation

The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand fully supported Peter Jackson’s and Fran Walsh’s decision to donate money to stem cell research at the University of California.

“Mr Jackson obviously recognises the crucial need to fund this type of research and we respect his decision to support the facility of his choice,” said Neurological Foundation executive director Max Ritchie.

“We applaud anyone who seeks to advance research into neurological disorders. All developed countries face the same challenge of a growing aged population, which will see the incidence of neurological disorders increase over the coming decades. Stem cell research is one of the most promising and exciting avenues for research that could find treatment and cures. Any investment in this area will benefit us all.”

But with rising costs, scientists would always struggle to ensure ongoing funding and New Zealand rarely saw the high level of private donations that are given in the US, which were often in the tens of millions, he said.

“Yet New Zealand produces neurological research that is world-class. The Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank is one example of this; it is a unique facility that is used by scientist worldwide. New Zealand also has stem-cell research projects led by the Brain Bank’s director Professor Richard Faull and Dr Bronwen Connor which would benefit from additional funding like Jackson’s donation.”

Naturally, the Foundation welcomed donations for New Zealand-based research and was proud that it was currently supporting more than 40 neurological research projects throughout New Zealand, he said.

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